NEWS TREE – 11 H x 13.8 W x 0.6 in


We get lost in the fragmented information of the News Tree.

Painting: News Tree, mixed media on canvas, 11 H x 13.8 W x 0.6 in

News Tree - 28 H x 35 W x 1.5 cm

To give the painting a different texture, I glued newspaper to the canvas, with the acrylic paint itself. Along with texture they bring a metaphor of information growing on trees, or something like that. The tree is constantly challenged or confronted by the other elements and cannot live with ease and somehow it incite chaos. Which for me, is also how life is.
Ultimately this is a impressionist/abstract painting with many possible interpretations, some texture, movement and colors such as, plain yellow, brown, carmine red, purple, green, white, black and shades of grey. Also, I did not sign in the front in case you feel like it’s upside down.

Additional information:

  • Shipped stretched and back stapled
  • Finished edges
  • Signature in the back
  • Varnish coated



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