Abstract Paintings


The Meaning and Process of my Abstract Paintings


I am a self taught artist completely in love with abstract art. When there aren’t words to describe emotions and feelings, poets create metaphors, make up new words and insert long pauses. Other artists create abstract art. To me, abstract paintings are visual poetry. Instead of a notebook, I take my chances on the canvas.
The process of creating an abstract painting for me is very similar to meditating. After I choose 2 colors to begin with, I clear my head and enter in a meditative state of some sort. I don’t want to think about actual objects or representations, instead I focus on feelings and emotions. That’s when I apply the first layer of paint on the canvas.
It’s a long process of staring at it and thinking what comes next. There is no guidebook to follow, which makes it hard to know the next step sometimes. The beauty of this kind of abstract painting is that it’s unpredictable and spontaneous. I could finish it in a day. Or I could finish it in years. I work with acrylic paint and experiment with different techniques, using brushes, palette knives, sponges, water sprays, newspaper, my hands, this list could go on forever. As far as their meaning goes, it varies from one person to the next and I like to keep it open to interpretation, instead of just focusing on my own. Truth is “meaning” doesn’t matter, there is no right or wrong.

All my paintings are original works on stretched canvases and they can be purchase directly from me. At the moment there aren’t any prints for sale, but if you are interested in one that has already been sold, I can create commissioned version for you. Either way just send me a message.


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