Mayra Gomes in a nutshell


Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Current living in Montréal, Canada. The in between is a long story, I have been in many places and tried different things. I lived in Australia for a while, then Germany. While living abroad, I was able to put some money together and went backpacking in Southeast Asia and in Europe. My latest adventure just began here in Canada. Right after high school I went on to study Movie Making, one of my passions in life. In my mind, I would go there, pick up a camera and make awesome films. In reality, there was a lot of reading, technicalities and no movies involved, which is completely fine, today. But I was 17. So I dropped out.
A few months later I went to a different university to study Digital and Graphic Design. I started tapping into my creativity and it was a great journey overall.I graduated and moved to Australia, where I went on to study advertising and marketing. That’s when I realized how much I’m passionate about marketing, the strategies, tactics, I find it all fascinating and I have been studying it online ever since. It’s an ongoing process.
You can check out my design portfolio or download my CV, if you are curious. =)



Traveling revealed another passion of mine, apart from traveling itself, of course. Photography, which I also studied in depth. I love how photography can be such a beautiful art and so mundane at the same time. My personal favorite forms of photography are street, landscape and fine art photography. There is a long lasting debate about the “Art” status of photography, but I personally don’t why it wouldn’t be considered an art. Photography moves people, it incite emotions just like any other art. If you have time, check out some of my photos.
While in parallel I have always been working with marketing and design, some time ago I found myself in painting, along with an outlet for my chaotic mind. I tried different styles of painting but none gave me feeling of freedom I have with abstract painting. It’s liberating and daunting at the same time. I love that. I’ve never liked rules or symmetry, so I make an extra effort to paint without restrictions. Even the restrictions we put on ourselves thinking about what other people might like. I try my hardest to avoid all kinds of limitation. Sometimes the final painting might not look great, but the process was. Most of the time I’m happy with what comes out. Whenever you can, check out some of my paintings.



This is me in a very very tiny nutshell. I’ll make sure to post more stories about me on the blog section, apart from the abstract painting and other articles, for the curious minds. If you want to know more about me or my art, make sure you follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. The links are bellow.


Thanks for being here!